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There are many moments where Jesus went to the Mount to meditate, ponder and muse on the Father; to pray and replenish. Meditation is not new, but APMEE Meditation, Healing & Wellness Transformative Meditation was designed in a humble way to help believers and unbelievers to renew the mind and truly soak in the presence of God - being still, releasing our burdens and healing from The Healer and Prince of Peace. Contact us today to see how we can empower and equip your ministry with this transformational tool today!

APMEE focuses on the fruit of the Spirit which is laid out in Galatians along with several other wisdom principles from throughout the love letter inscribed in the Bible. We help individuals with healing and deliverance using a concentrated method of meditating on God's Word and getting to the root of pain-points, then replacing the lies with the Holy Truth of God.

"Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. " Joshua 1:8 NIV

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Alysha Powell

Author, Speaker and Founder of APMEE

There is a battle over the mind. Founder Alysha Powell is a born-again woman of faith and it was through her faith that helped bring her to salvation, bring her through dark moments, call on God and witness His Goodness. She understands where meditation is rooted and understands the hesitation of the Church. She has developed this meditation to strengthen the body of Christ and reach the lost.

You should check out these amazing awe-inspiring resources by Alysha Powell

Alysha Powell is a dynamite author who takes her reader on a deep and vulnerable journey. As you flip through the pages you will understand that prayer truly works and your hope will be restored

Youtube channels for APMEE Biblically-based Meditation

Ladies Make sure to sign up for your Monthly Meditation Membership, Women of Intrinsic Peace. Learn very deep and valuable techniques and application on how to lead a life of constant peace while getting equipped to overcome any situations that may arise. Remembering, He gave us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Now that's peace. Join today!

APMEE Transformative Meditation is amazing and a great way to incorporate faith and relaxation. I was first introduced to Alysha's teaching during one of our churches Bible Study. Her biblical teaching and breathing techniques blew me away. Her videos are easy to follow and the information is clear to understand. She's passionate about her work. I highly recommend APMEE whether it be personal, professional or ministry based, you won't regret it!

Monica McQueen

Alysha Powell truly helped me to calm my racing thoughts by focusing on the truth of the scriptures. I found my life had more calm after just one session with her.

Dominique Young

Founder & President of Faith Mamas