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APMEE Meditation-Based Learning for Schools

Equipping schools and personnel to be of sound mind and peace personally and
professionally while they implement APMEE Meditation, Healing & Wellness programs to the most awesome kids across the nation. We offer targeted mindset and character development programs designed to encourage children to arrive and thrive at their inner-most potential. They will persevere with skills and mindset in which garnish creativity, higher sense of awareness and development delivered from a unique, holistic, whole-child reflective process.

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APMEE Meditation-Based Learning for the Classroom

APMEE was founded in 2017 by Alysha Powell a social psychologist, published author, teacher and public speaker. APMEE Transformative Meditation (ATM) was developed for the classroom as a holistic and alternative approach to help students develop self-awareness, coping and self-regulation skills necessary for their current home/school life situation. A teacher herself in SPED and Gen Ed classrooms, Ms. Powell distilled years of observations and research into a codified and scalable program for other teachers and their classrooms.

In addition to in-person or virtual sessions, the goal for ATM is to provide a uniform easy-to-learn program for teachers to bring the benefits of meditation into their classroom. ATM helps both the kids and teens in the classroom and also as important the teacher. As a private consulting company, the first step towards deploying ATM in schools has been a proof-of-concept program. APMEE successfully operated a pilot program with a Washington DC based school. ATM was implemented with 6th Grade students across two classes sized with about 15-20 students each over a four (4) week period. The results were gratifying for both students and teachers.

See what Educators and Students are saying about APMEE School-based Meditation.

Ms. Alysha visited my Homeschool Enrichment Program and shared with my students and myself the meaning behind meditation and how it can serve the youth as well as adults. Ms. Alysha did an excellent job! The entire group participated and shared their thoughts and
feelings. After the experience was over, the kids asked when she was coming back. It opened up much positive conversation and intrigue. I enjoyed the experience immensely. It is always a great
calm when meditating, but coupled with the explanation as to why we should made it an even better one!

Tardaney Lewis

Founder of Infinite Wisdom Homeschool Clinton, MD

I've had group and one on one meditative sessions allowing an amazing insight on the capacity of meditation guided by Mrs. Alysha Powell. The group meditation took place in the mornings with the entire
staff prior to the children entering the building. I thoroughly benefited from seeing first hand how centering oneself even in a large crowd can bring such a calm. I can attest that on those days of
meditation the mornings at work seemed to start off with such an undisturbed peace.

Breeona Alston

Teaching Assistant, Washington, D.C

When given the type of children that we have, come from different emotional and mental backgrounds. A lot of times when our children are off task of centered and when Miss Ashley Powell Comes into our
classroom and begins the meditation, it just puts our children right back to center. It brings calmness in and out of our classroom. Even when we have meditation with Miss Powell on a professional level in our trainings, her meditation methods just bring you right back to center in a calm place. I love what she does. She's a wonderful person and she knows what she's doing. Thank you!

Miss Calhoun

Therapeutic Behavior Aide, Washington, D.C

The school program has levels to support school leadership, teachers, students and parents.


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