I've watched meditation transform my own life

And for that reason I am dedicated to helping everyone that I meet transform into the healthest version of themselves through meditation rooted in biblical priciples. I am so glad you stopped by this site. Let me tell you more about my story.

What started as pain turned into PURPOSE

Alysha Powell, Visionary Leader and Founder of APMEE Meditation, Healing & Wellness (Alysha Powell, Meditation, Enrichment and Enlightenment) is no stranger to trauma-induced mental and emotional fatigue. Still young in years, she has battled through depression, anxiety, stress and physical ailment after enduring the fatal heart attack of her father, and murder of her mother, life-altering injuries from multiple car accidents, was disabled for nearly a year and endured over four rounds of physical therapy, chiropractic work, trigger point injections, dry needling and more. In 2013, she was courageous enough to walk away from a seven-year abusive relationship. This ignited a spiritual fire and yearning to draw closer to God, teaching her how to draw peace by meditating on His Word. The vision for APMEE was birthed in 2016, thus spreading her electrifying brilliance and experience in meditation, holistic nutrition and mental wellness. Her impressionable and charismatic presence has attracted leaders from various backgrounds in education, government, community organizations, businesses and ministries. This radiant author and radio host has been the highlight as a guest speaker on panels, radio shows, interviews, hi-profile events and women's conferences across the globe with invites stemming from the UK, Indonesia and Canada. Alysha has also hosted a numerous amount of wisdom-packed meditation classes, coaching sessions and events. It is realized that many people are hurting, feeling stuck and trying to navigate their way through life, and it's her mission to empower and equip individuals with the wisdom and approach to confidently manage stress, draw insight and walk with a bold authority. Her continued research in meditation and its benefits towards mental wellness is complimented by her background in neuroscience, cognitive brain function and social psychology.
She is currently mentoring youth and piloting an APMEE Transformative Meditation Pilot in a D.C. Charter School with students K-8 to address root-cause trauma, enhance focus and social/emotional strength. It brings joy to Alysha's heart to see people healed and set free through her unique programs and is strongly committed to the rich calling on her life to facilitate people's process to truth and transforming their pain into purpose.

A Little More About Alysha

Alysha is a wife and a mom of one. She enjoys speaking spanish, teaching and coaching others, reading and studying different subjects, playing basketball, hiking, kayaking, fellowshipping with family and friends, hosting gatherings, thought-provoking conversations, watching videos, cooking new dishes and enjoying foods of all kinds, taking road trips and creating different crafts. She conducts business globally from her virtual home office.